Really healthy food and good customer service, and I'm going to open el Forno Pizza & Grill Next Door, hope everybody can enjoy Pizza Pasta special homemade bread el Forno style hot sandwich and panini, have a salad bar chopped salad, also start at 7:30 in the morning breakfast, we are very good neighbor always try to make it good 4 hour all customer satisfaction guarantee, I can say thank you to our neighborhood business owner,

Tony Mia

Best Halal I've ever had ever!! Perfect tasty spices! I live about 3+ miles away and travel all the way here sometimes when the crave hits. Look forward to enjoying much more from here and hopefully more locations!

Gordon Rice

Today Was My First Time Eating There Halal Food, I Been Hearing Bout This Spot For Along Time Now & Everyone Told Me There Really Good There. Today When I Got My Lunch There I Ordered Wat I Always Order Combo Over Rice Wit No Sauce & I asked to put the sauce on the side so I can try it for the first time, My Lunch was amazing today n this was the best halal food I ever tried n had and I really enjoyed n that white sauce is amazing. I’ll def be a returning customer, Ty very much Mia Halal Staff.

Pito Castro

I've been going to Mia for over a decade.I don't live in NY, but I often visit family in Queens, and Mia has always been a highlight of my trip. You can not go wrong with Chicken & Lamb over rice. Absolutely love the food.I will say, that my most recent visit was a baffling, confusing farce of customer service. You get a free side of attitude with your meal, apparently.I digress, I love this spot. 10/10 would have a coarse interaction with the cashier lady again.

Chris Ford

The good is great , a Little pricier then I’m used too , for 2 Chicken over rice and 2 pitas , no drinks , it’s came to 19.00 dollars . Oh the stuff on top of my salad is cottage cheese from home lol

Will Zaso87

The food here is top notch, don't get me wrong. The price is a bit much, in my opinion, but the quality of the food is wonderful. Freshly seasoned meats, crisp vegetables, honestly you're getting your money's worth. Hands down the best halal spot in NYC


The food here is amazing. Ignore the negative reviews. This place is the only one that has stayed consistent since the pandemic while quality everywhere else has went down dramatically. Yes, the prices raised like everywhere else because of inflation, but they still give you enough food for the price and it still tastes awesome. They give you more food that half of called fancy restaurants.

Steven Williams

I got the VIP deluxe platter which is a meal fit for king. Arrived at lunch so it wasn't busy. Dinner and late nights may be a different story though. Food was fresh, all sauces on point, including the white, hot and green. Green sauce was particularly flavorful. "I'll be back."

Omar A.

I have tried all the of halal foods.. from manhattan to queens... this place is the best.. i love the chicken over with chicken kebab. People usually says it's expensive if compared to another ones.. they don't look at the quality.. if it's little pricier its worth it... keep up the good work .. 👌🏻

Zippy M.

Excellent place. They don't advertise more than what they offer. Best gyro. I live in the neighborhood so I come here all the time. The food is great. If you're from the Indian subcontinent you'd love it. Not the best seating situation it's like somebody with metal sheets went DIY. But most people who come here are for takeout. Enjoy!

Blue G.